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GT here we come!
Merge Successful
Everything went fine and we are slowly transferring and getting to know each other.

If you are still here :P please go comment in this thread:

Raid Rules + Constant Raid
Please notice that i made a new forum called GT so we can add everything regarding GT there (GT Forum)

All raiders must read and follow the raid rules: Raid Rules

Please comment in this thread if you wish to join GT, from the people that comment there we will form a constant raid: Constant Raid Signup

Challenging System
Everyone should visit this thread so you wont be suprised =)

The Fight Continue

We killed nogrom and warkaz, now time for Zalmar. by sunday i want all raiders to watch the video and read the tactics in this link:
Zalmar Tactics

First, i want to say a GIGANTIC WHALECUMED THANKS to Poniter that gave us his site and took his time to explain to me how to manage the DKP system.
DKP is now up and running and all of you can enter and see your standings =)

DKP site:

GT Preparations!
We killed Nogrom with our own raid and got Warkaz to 11%!!!!!
But this is not the time to relax, we got so mach ahead of us.
From now on Every Monday we are going to GT!!! The time atm is set to 6pm GMT. All must come on time or we will have to take other people (on time means about 30min before to prepare).

Before the raid (like 30min-1hour) everyone must have: Potent potions (Ask Bambino or Dazzer), Crafted potions (can get from Nalisa but must be asked BEFORE the raid form) , Acid flasks, Fumes (Catacombs) and 20k Myrra.

We will decide on another official day for GT, keep looking at the site.

Rock on, Ghostt.

Guild Rules.
We're mostly a casual guild. But over time a few rules have been introduced.
  • Keep loyalty 11+. (Easiest way to spot idle players so we can invite new people) also players level 45+ should have 90+ loyalty (100 is best tho).
  • Check guild site daily. (Best way for guild leadership to communicate to all)
  • Characters level 45+ must pay Guild Tax. (Levelling the guild brings many benefits, but costs a lot of gold.)
  • Follow the Loot Rules.

Astral Confrontation.
Astral Confrontation is a very important event every Saturday Evening. Its a major source of prestige for the guild. Also its the only source of Realgar needed for superior equipment.

So I urge all level 45+ characters to attend this guild vs guild pvp event. Even if you don't have runes or pvp build we still need you. Also read the Astral Confrontation tactics and add their own comments and suggestions.

It is inevitable that someone will have something to complain about.

Use the complaints forum because:
1 - I'm a gamer, I'm rarely online 30 minutes without going some where or doing some thing. This has been even more true than usual lately where I have two raids to tie up my time. This results in most conflicts appearing while I'm having fun. Needless to say that doesn't work for me.
2 - You get more time to write a proper post, and I get more time to write a proper reply.
3 - You can add support/comments to others complaints.
4 - I don't have to argue the same point ten times.
5 - I've said it before, visit the guild site weekly. People eventually got bored of the lack of activity here. Well now you can visit the guild site each week and say to yourself. Yep, another good week without complaints. ;o)

All dps classes are recommended to get Darkdps meter. This is to maximize ur performance and make it easier to get a good balance of stats,gear and build.
Cant at this moment put out a link due to the site being down :S. But there is a link made by Champa under the addons section.
This dps meter wont make u lag(too bad at least :P). SO dont worry